Dining at Riad Les Yeux Bleus


Our kitchen is open 24/7 and offers a choice of some of the most emblematic dishes of Moroccan cuisine. World famous tajine in its most delicious varieties, couscous, or the local delicacy, the tanjia, together with an assortment of healthy salads and traditional desserts to suit every taste … all of them freshly made from organic ingredients.

Marrakech excursions - Essaouira


There are plenty of things one can do in Marrakech and plenty of places to see and experience; and the city is also an excellent base from which one can take amazing day trips or even overnight stays in the Atlantic coast, the Atlas mountains, or the pre-Saharan regions beyond … feel free to ask our staff about the possibilities and we’ll always be happy to give you our best advice.

Marrakech excursions - Kasbah du Toubkal, Imlil, High Atlas Mountains

A day with the Berbers

Enjoy a day trip to the High Atlas Mountains and have lunch at the award-winning Kasbah du Toubkal with its vast roof terraces and magnificent mountain views.

No trip to Marrakech would be complete without a hammam experience, Riad Les Yeux Bleus


The tribes who founded Marrakech were children of the desert.

No wonder that they imagined paradise under the form of an oasis, and that water ranked highest in their scale of pleasures.

Moroccan culture springs from the hammam, or traditional bath, as much as it does from the mosque—they are, indeed, often placed in the same building. The cleansing of the body has a spiritual dimension, and in the half-light of the hammam, Moroccan wisdom has developed through the centuries a whole range of techniques to put one’s soul in accord with one’s body.

No trip to Marrakech would be complete without a hammam experience. Cozy and intimate, our hammam offers a choice of traditional treatments, natural oils and massages in the purest Moroccan tradition. Treat yourself to an experience from which you will emerge feeling younger, more relaxed and energetic; the most sensual and refined expression of Morocco’s art de vivre.

Free Wi-Fi at Riad Les Yeux Bleus

Other services

24/7 reception service, laundry service, free Wi-Fi, and private transfers to and from Marrakech Menara Airport are available.

Have a massage at Riad Les Yeux Bleus


Take advantage of your time in our riad to get back home rejuvenated, and boost your energy levels.

Our spa offers an array of well-being and beauty treatments and massages for your body and face combining the ancient Moroccan savoir faire and the use of organic local and oriental products which are reputed for their beneficial properties, such as famous Argan oil.

Relaxing or invigorating massages with hot and cold stones, skin care treatments, anti-aging and anti-stress treatments, or our special well-being package are available. Ask our staff for further details.

Airport transfers

Private transfers

Private transfers to and from Marrakech Menara Airport:

1 or 2 passengers 20 euro
3 passengers 30 euro
4 passengers 40 euro
5 or 6 passengers 50 euro
7 passengers 70 euro
8 to 10 passengers 80 euro